Friday, February 19, 2016

Preppy Essentials

Preppy Essentials - BLOG POST

WithChic white dress
$19 -

Tory burch jewelry

Thierry Lasry yellow lens glasses
$435 -


Nars cosmetic

Kate Spade fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent nail polish

Dress- This dress is super cute,  and the bow adds a contemporary feel to the otherwise classic shirt dress and maintains a light and airy canvas for the rest of the outfit. This is a really good example of the perfect spring or summer white dress. It would look good on many different body types and accentuates the waist which centers the outfit, but it could always be substituted with any other dress. This is a preppy essential because of its timeless style that would look great on a lot of people.
Earrings-These earrings add some detail to the outfit without distracting from the wonderful person they are on. They could be substituted for earrings of a different color that is more flattering on the individual. These earrings are a preppy essential because of its ability to add detail while being subtle.  
Sunglasses- These sunglasses are very Jackie O while being very contemporary with the slight cat eye. These sunglasses are a preppy essential because of its amazing tortoise shell and classic shape, but they would be able to be substituted for sunglasses that would be more flattering to the individual wearing them.
Makeup (Eyeshadow, Lipstick)- This makeup is very subtle yet still adds some glitter and shine to the outfit, these could be substituted for makeup of a color more flattering to the person wearing it. This is a preppy essential because of it everyday ability to add a little extra to an outfit. 
Accessories- The watch is super cute and practical and does not distract from the outfit, but adds detail to the outfit as a whole. The bag is large and adds some extra structure to this relatively "loose" outfit. The nail polish and perfume are little extra things that add some indivuality into the outfit and create the entire aura surrounding a preppy outfit. These accessories are preppy essential because of their classic feel and timeless beauty. They could all be switched to individualize the outfit.
Personality/Motto- This cute quote adds to the personality surrounding the preppy outfit because we all know preppy is a state of mind and a style. 

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

Marc by Marc Jacobs fitted top
$160 -

Lilly Pulitzer clothing

Steve Madden ballerina flat

Kate Spade snap button jewelry
$230 -

Cartier 18k bangle

Essie nail polish

This is of course entirely your choice and you can wear anything you want to or feel comfortable wearing. This is just specific to me and my style.

Don't: Over Accessorize, this is not the best example (I did not have that much room). Not only does it look a little ridiculous when I see people with five bracelets that are not meant for stacking, but if you have to take some off during the day you might lose a really expensive ring or any jewelry for that matter. Also it usually makes tons of noise (clinky bracelets or chime like earrings along with whatever other five pounds of jewelry you have on). Don't look like the entire store of Claire’s got sick and vomited glitter on you.

Do: Add some shimmer and glimmer with a bracelet and some earrings, or some bangles.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

H M long tunic
$36 -

Ted Baker evening top
$100 -

Kate Spade black legging

Ballerina shoes


This is of course entirely your choice and you can wear anything you want to or feel comfortable wearing. This is just specific to me and my style.

Do: Wear leggings with dresses that are shorter in length or is a tunic

Don't: Wear crop tops with leggings super short skirts, without a cover-up or cardigan. Unless you are wearing workout clothes