Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

Marc by Marc Jacobs fitted top
$160 -

Lilly Pulitzer clothing

Steve Madden ballerina flat

Kate Spade snap button jewelry
$230 -

Cartier 18k bangle

Essie nail polish

This is of course entirely your choice and you can wear anything you want to or feel comfortable wearing. This is just specific to me and my style.

Don't: Over Accessorize, this is not the best example (I did not have that much room). Not only does it look a little ridiculous when I see people with five bracelets that are not meant for stacking, but if you have to take some off during the day you might lose a really expensive ring or any jewelry for that matter. Also it usually makes tons of noise (clinky bracelets or chime like earrings along with whatever other five pounds of jewelry you have on). Don't look like the entire store of Claire’s got sick and vomited glitter on you.

Do: Add some shimmer and glimmer with a bracelet and some earrings, or some bangles.

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